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BrainBuilder. The easiest way to create reliable firmware

Smart products are made with Brainbuilder

Do you have a brilliant idea for a smart product, but not the time, patience or skill to develop the firmware?

Use BrainBuilder to define what your product needs to do, and the firmware is created automatically.

Autonomous controllers, IoT edge devices, machines, sensors, robots, every smart product needs a brilliant brain!

Firmware makes the product

Customized firmware, done in a flash!

How it works

It’s really easy. You choose the components and parameters for your project, and BrainBuilder generates and flashes the firmware. No programming required, worry-free.

BrainBuilder software

To get started

All you need is a Windows 10 or Linux system, a development board (Arduino or generic AVR-8), and the BrainBuilder software. Register here for the BrainBuilder free beta.



The Blinking LED

Where else to start than with a blinking LED? Just connect the LED and set the blink frequency.

Making a blinking LED

Make a nightlight

Turn the light on when it gets dark. Simply connect light to a switch, add a lightsensor and one rule.

Make a nightlight

A thermostat

A simple example, all it takes: a temperature sensor, a potentiometer, a switch and a rule.

Making a thermostat

Of course larger and more complex projects can be realized too.


BrainBuilder is no-code. That means there is no need to write everything yourself in a programming language. Coding mistakes, security issues, bugs and debugging are things of the past. BrainBuilder generates high-quality reliable code.

The only code you will create is in simple if-statements (“rules”).

Under the hood

BrainBuilder firmware consists of a FreeRTOS kernel with highly optimized internal code. You don’t have to worry about the complexity involved, that’s all neatly hidden.

BrainBuilder does all the grunt work for you; compiling and checking the code for inconsistencies. Delivering error-free functionality, without you having to dig into all the details, so you’re free to concentrate on your project’s functionality.