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BrainBuilder. The easiest way to create reliable firmware

IOT for everyone

A new way of realizing your ideas.

BrainBuilder is a no-code platform for generating controller firmware. This firmware can be used on IOT edge devices and autonomous controllers.

Predictable projects

BrainBuilder ensures low-effort, predictable development time of your firmware project. And it’s easy to incrementally grow your project.

Adding a new sensor or redefining an action is as quick as a mouseclick and BrainBuilder checks for errors, generates the firmware image again, automatically, tirelessly, every time again.


Arduino, the common go-to platform for prototypes, hobby projects and demos alike. It is fully supported, so your investment in Arduino-based hardware is protected, and you can start out easily by converting existing projects.


This popular low-cost microcontroller is capable of a whole lot, provided it gets the right programming. BrainBuilder generates quality code for generic AVR-8 processors. You specify what it needs to do, the firmware is generated and flashed automatically.


A great idea, good sensor hardware and a suitable platform can only make a great product if the firmware is functional, solid, and totally reliable. But creating good firmware by hand is not easy and can get costly. That’s where BrainBuilder comes in. BrainBuilder lets you define what your product needs to do. Then it generates and programs the code in your controller - entirely automatically. So you can focus on what’s important: a great product.


BrainBuilder is no-code. That means there is no need to write everything yourself in a programming language. Coding mistakes, security issues, bugs and debugging are a thing of the past. BrainBuilder generates high-quality reliable code.

The only code you will create is in simple if-statements (“rules”).


BrainBuilder-generated code makes use of FreeRTOS, the leading robust real-time kernel for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. It is well supported (long term) and maintained, a solid base for reliable code.

Under the hood

BrainBuilder firmware consists of a FreeRTOS kernel with a highly optimized internal code. All that complexity is kept neatly hidden, so you can concentrate on creating solutions.

BrainBuilder does all the grunt work for you; compiling and checking the code for inconsistencies. Delivering error-free functionality, without you having to dig into all the details, so you’re free to concentrate on your project’s functionality.