BendyRoad BrainBuilder: The easiest way to create controller firmware

Bendyroad for Arduino

Make error-free firmware for Arduino. No coding required. Step by step: Run BrainBuilder on a Windows, Mac or Linux system Connect your Arduino Choose rules and components Click “Generate Firmware” See the new firmware running on the Arduino Try now >>>

Under the hood

Real-time reliability ensured BrainBuilder uses a real-time operating system. This ensures reliable parallel processing of signals and events. Without having to worry about the complexity involved. Consistency checking built-in Compiling and checking the code for inconsistencies is done automatically. Error-free functionality delivered, every time. Say goodbye to grunt work and tedious debugging. Try now >>>

BendyRoad Brainbuilder Datasheet

Integrated development environment BrainBuilder is an IDE to create microcontroller firmware. For IOT as well as controlling tasks. Non-blocking editing No irritating blocking error messages during editing. It is perfectly possible to partially describe your firmware, and leave the details for another time. It will not block your train of thought. Consistency checking / TODO list During development a continous checker runs all the time, keeping a list of things for you to do.


Parallel processing of events by the use of a Realtime Operating System Correct coding by design Quick re-targeting different CPUs and platforms


To make parallel processing of signals and events possible, brainbuilder uses a real-time operating system. Which operating system depends on the CPU and platform used. AVR8 / Arduino For AVR8 based platforms we use FreeRTOS. As most of the Arduino boards are based on the AVR8 family CPUs, this also applies to Arduino boards.