Integrated development environment

BrainBuilder is an IDE to create microcontroller firmware. For IOT as well as controlling tasks.

Non-blocking editing

No irritating blocking error messages during editing. It is perfectly possible to partially describe your firmware, and leave the details for another time. It will not block your train of thought.

Consistency checking / TODO list

During development a continous checker runs all the time, keeping a list of things for you to do.

Integrated telemetry display (under development)

This window displays the controllers internal variables.

Documentation viewer (under development)

Firmware capabilities

Supported CPUs

Supported IO

Supported control logic

MMI / GUI support

Telemetry support

The firmware can be integrated within a bigger IOT solution. The telemetry module provides upstream data updates. Also upstream can modify variables in the controller.

Telemetry transports

Realtime OS

FreeRTOS is used as its main realtime-OS. Battlehardened over the years. Supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).