Arduino Uno board


Property Description


To disable or enable this block.


A name for this development board.

Onboard LED

Variable name to use for the on-board LED on pin D13.

Source for LED

Source for driving the LED.


To optionally enter a comment.
It does not impact the generated firmware.

The first block to add when you start a new project: a development board. The 'Todo' list at the bottom of the screen will remind you to add one. Development boards are under Hardware'.

New project

The attributes of the Arduino Uno board-block are:

  • Name: By default the name is 'uno', but you can assign any name you want

  • On-board LED (on pin 13): By default 'led1' is filled in, but any other name is fine.

  • if you do not want to use the on-board LED, remove the name assigned here. You can then use pin 13 for other purposes. For example, as a System activity LED.

Arduino Uno block
  • Source for LED: You can get back to this later, to add for example a blinker or a variable as a source.

  • Comment: An optional field for entering text.


  • CPU: ATmega328P

  • CPU flash memory: 32KB

  • SRAM: 2KB


  • Analog inputs: 6

  • PWM digital I/O: 6

  • Clock: 16 MHz