Text field


Property Description


To disable or enable this block.


Text to show


Row to place the text on
Rows start at 0


Column to start the text on
Columns start at 0


To optionally enter a comment.
It does not impact the generated firmware.

Use a text field to show a text string on an LCD display.

  • Text is the string to display in front of the variable

  • Row is the row on the screen, starting with row 0. On a two-line display you will only have the rows 0 and 1.

  • Column is at which column to start displaying the screen cell. Which is handy when you want to show more than one screen item on the same row.

Screen text field

The result of this screen cell is shown on the left on the bottom row of this display:

Screen page example

Other screen item types

  • The [Screen cell](/docs/blocks/screen-cell) has the most options for displaying both text and a variable

  • [Variable fields](/docs/blocks/screen-variable) only display a variable

Screen pages overview

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