Settings item


Property Description

Initial value

Initial value, used until this setting has been changed


A short indication of this settings item, for example: MaxTemp


Type of variable to use


For example: C, F, rpm, mm, inch


Name of the variable to use

You can save the following data types in non-volatile memory:

  • Integers (maximum 32 bit, signed and unsigned)

  • Bits

Settings item

For each setting, the following attributes have to be specified:

  • Initial value (default is 0)

  • Text: this will be displayed on the display when editing the item

  • Type: Integer up to 32 bits, or single bit

  • Unit: For display purposes on the settings page

  • Variable: In which variable the setting is saved

Here is an example of a settings page for two settings items:

Settings items on display

To scroll through the settings items, press the Up or Down buttons.

For example, to change the value of Min.T, press Right.

Settings item changing on display

Move the cursor to the digit you want to change, by pressing the Left and Right buttons. When the cursor is positioned on the correct digit, change it by pressing the Up and Down buttons. Press Right once more when you’re done. Press Left to go back up to the previous menu level.

Overview of settings

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