Property Description


To disable or enable this block.

EEPROM magic



To optionally enter a comment.
It does not impact the generated firmware.

You can save settings in non-volatile memory (EEPROM). When the power has been turned off, settings are retained.

Settings are entered via keyboard and display. The Settings Menu is accessed by pressing "Right" on the keyboard.

The settings block handles everything: the menu structure, displaying, navigating through the settings pages and invidual settings, and entering values.

Add a settings block in the 'Miscellaneous' folder.


You’ll also need blocks (blue arrows) to enable displaying and entering settings:

  • A [display](/docs/blocks/arduino-display)

  • A physical [keyboard](/docs/blocks/resistor-keyboard)

  • A logical [keyboard handler](/docs/blocks/keyboard)

Next, add one or more [Settings pages](/docs/blocks/settings-page)

Overview of settings

Note: EEPROM space is quite small, for example 1 kB on an ATMega328P (Arduino Uno) and 4 kB on an ATmega2560 (Arduino Mega2560). Saving strings is therefore not an option.