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Installation on macOS

Before you start

These instructions are for macOS 10.15.7.

This is a basic description of the installation procedure. There is a more detailed step-by-step installation guide here


Check if you have Java

Install java

  • Go to AdoptJDK: to download the latest release (OpenJDK11, Hotspot JVM)
  • Leave the pre-selected defaults as they are
  • If you have Java applications running, you will be prompted to close the applications that have files in use
  • After setup has completed, click Finish. Check again if you now have Java 11.

Installing BrainBuilder Development Studio

  • Download the latest version of the BrainBuilder Development Studio from the BrainBuilder download page

  • Unzip the downloaded file to a directory of your choosing

  • In a terminal window, start

  • Create a shortcut to if you want

Start creating!

  • Connect your development board
  • Continue to Quickstart
Miscellaneous components