Bendyroad IDE reference manual. © Copyright Bendyroad 2024.

Installation on Mac OS

Steps to get ready to run BrainBuilder Development Studio for the first time:


Check minimum system requirements:

You may be able to use other versions, but we do not test these. If you run into problems when using other versions, you have to fix them yourself.

Download & Installation

If you encounter any difficulties during the Windows installation process, refer to Troubleshoot mac installation for troubleshooting assistance.

Download the BrainBuilder Development Studio MacOS installer package.

Open the 'Downloads' folder in Finder.

Right-click on brainbuilder-[version].pkg, and choose menuitem Open with [Installer].

A warning pops up, click [Open]. The installer starts (if nothing seems to happen, it will be behind the Finder window).

After 'The installation was successful', click [Close]. You can now move the installer package to the Trash bin.

The installation was succesful.

Starting the Development Studio

You'll find BrainBuilder in the Finder under Applications. Double-click it to start the Development Studio.

The development studio

Please note that the first time you start BrainBuilder Development Studio, it may take a little longer as it downloads the necessary program files.

For a more visually appealing experience, you can choose from various colorful themes by accessing the Options menu and selecting "Skins".

For easy access, you can drag the BrainBuilder icon from Finder/Applications or from the Launchpad to the Dock.

The brainbuilder icon

Start creating!