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9-in-1 Sensor Shield

9 in 1 sensor shield

The 9-in-1 Sensor Shield is a multifunctional module designed for easy interfacing with various sensors. It enables rapid prototyping by providing a streamlined interface for multiple input and output devices. Key features include temperature, humidity, light, sound, and motion sensors, among others. Ideal for Arduino-based DIY projects and education.


Inputs & outputs Arduino pin # Remarks
LED 1 (blue) Digital pin 12
LED 2 (red) Digital pin 13
Switch 1 Digital pin 2
Switch 2 Digital pin 3
DHT11 Digital pin 4 Temperature & humidity sensor (not implemented for Arduino and AVR8 platforms)
Buzzer Digital pin 5
Infrared receiver Digital pin 6
RGB LED Digital pins 9-11 red D9, blue D10, green D11
Potentiometer Analog pin 0
LDR Analog pin 1 Light dependent resistor
LM35 Analog pin 2 Temperature sensor