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Deadband is a concept referring to a range of input values that do not produce any change in the output. Deadband is used to prevent system instability or unnecessary frequent oscillations, such as a thermostat not turning a heater on and off for minor temperature fluctuations.


A thermostat is set to maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees Celsius. To avoid the heater turning on or off for every tiny temperature change, it can be given a deadband of, for example, 1 degree.
That way, a temperature drop to 19.9 degrees will not turn on the heater, but a temperature drop to 19.0 or lower will.

Property Description
Disabled To disable or enable this block.
Name The name of this block.
Input Input variable
Setpoint Can be a variable or a number
Threshold Width of the range. Example: Setpoint 0, Threshold 1: No output between -1 and 1 (inclusive).
Comment To optionally enter a comment. It does not impact the generated firmware.