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Install on Windows 10

Check if you have Java

  • Type ‘cmd’ into the search bar next to the Start menu
  • Click on the Command Prompt app when it appears in the search results.
  • Type ‘java -version’ in the Command Prompt window, then press Enter.
  • Any version 11 and above is good, and you can go straight to Installing Brainbuilder

Installing Java 11 or upgrading from an older version

  • Go to AdoptJDK:
  • Choose OpenJDK11, Hotspot JVM
  • Save .msi file
  • Open .msi file to launch the installer
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Custom Setup: leave default
  • Popup: agree to make changes to your computer, yes
  • If you have Java applications running, you will be prompted to close the applications that have files in use
  • After setup completed, click Finish

Installing BrainBuilder

  • Download the latest version of BrainBuilder
  • Open your Downloads folder in the Windows File Explorer
  • Right-click on
  • Choose ‘Unzip All’ from the menu
  • Enter the name of the folder where you want to store the BrainBuilder software

Running BrainBuilder

  • Open the folder where you installed BrainBuilder in the Windows File Explorer
  • Double-click on the batchfile named ‘bb_run’. It may show up named ‘bb_run.bat’
  • If Windows warns you that it prevented running this unknown app, click on “More information” and then “Run anyway”

Make a desktop shortcut

  • Right-click on ‘bb_run’ (or ‘bb_run.bat’) and then click on ‘Create shortcut’
  • Drag the shortcut to you desktop

Start creating!

  • Connect your development board
  • Continue to Quickstart