BendyRoad BrainBuilder: The easiest way to create controller firmware

Supported devices

Processors ATmega328P ATmega2560 Boards Arduino Uno Arduino Mega Digital input Switches (debounce implemented in brainbuilder) HC-SR501 PIR sensor many more Digital output Relais LEDs (with dimming implemented in brainbuilder) LCD display 16*2 characters (based on Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller) Buzzers many more Analog input Potentiometers LDRs TMP35, TMP36, TMP37 temperature sensors MQ-2 / MQ-3 / MQ-4 / MQ-5 / MQ-6 / MQ-7 / MQ-8 / MQ-9 / MQ-135 gas sensors FC-04 sound sensor many more I2C / TWI GY-30 light sensor BH1750FVI light sensor