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Deadband is a concept referring to a range of input values that do not produce any change in the output. Deadband is used to prevent system instability or unnecessary frequent oscillations, such as a thermostat not turning a heater on and off for minor temperature fluctuations.


A thermostat is set to maintain the room temperature at 20 degrees Celsius. To avoid the heater turning on or off for every tiny temperature change, it can be given a deadband of, for example, 1 degree. That way, a temperature drop to 19.9 degrees will not turn on the heater, but a temperature drop to 19.0 or lower will.


Range around the setpoint where there is no output

Property Description
Disabled To disable or enable this block.
Name The name of this block.
Input Input variable
Setpoint Can be a variable or a number
Threshold Width of the range. Example: Setpoint 0, Threshold 1:
No output between -1 and 1 (inclusive).
Comment To optionally enter a comment.
It does not impact the generated firmware.