Block:Debounced Switch

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Digital input is commonly used to detect the state of switches and buttons. This block also includes the debouncing (See also: Block:Debounce) of the switch or button.


  • the switch has the 'name': 'sw1'
  • and connected to 'port' 'D11' (or any other port you chose)
  • use the current value of 'sw1' in a rule, for example
  • set a LED on when sw1 is on: "if ( sw1 ) { led1 = 1 ; } else { led1 = 0 ;}"


Hardware switch to ground, with cpu internal pull-up. Software debounced. (1=switch pressed).

Property Description
Disabled To disable or enable this block.
Name The name of this block.
Invert Invert the output
Pin Pin number.
Comment To optionally enter a comment.
It does not impact the generated firmware.