IDE concepts

From Bendyroad

Here we describe the graphical concepts and items that are part of the BrainBuilder IDE.

BrainBuilder IDE

Top menu bar

  • File: for saving and opening projects
  • Options: development board programmer type
  • Firmware: to generate the new firmware and flash it the development board
  • Cloud: to log in and out
  • Tools: to autodetect the port where the development board is connected to
  • Help: opens a browser with the documentation site

Left Sidebar

This is were you find all the blocks grouped in the main folders (Project Info, Miscellaneous, Hardware, Logic, Screens).

Right Sidebar

Here you'll find a list of variables for easy reference. It is maintained automatically.

ToDo info area

This lists the next actions to do. For example when starting a new project, the first thing to do is adding a development board. This will be shown here as a 'to do' item.