BendyRoad features in detail


No programming language to learn

Bendy doesn’t use error-prone languages like C and C++. The closest you will come to programming is when writing logic rules. These look like primary school math. Think of it like formulas in a spreadsheet.

Rules based logic

If you want to include intelligent behaviour, you can specify rules. These rules consist of conditions and actions. Whe have even included an ‘if’ statement.

Automated error checking

While your work in the IDE it will constantly check your work for logic errors. These will be put in a todo list, so that you can tend to them later. These checks do not interrupt your workflow.

Automatic port detection

The IDE scans all ports, to find the right controller or programming tool.

Programming software included.

BendyRoad talks directly to the microcontroller. No extra programming software needed.


Change detection

Bendyroad firmware responds to changes en timers. This can have significant impact on energy consumption. Important when running on batteries.

Realtime kernel

Bendyroad uses a realtime kernel. The rules you have specified execute at the almost the same time. Bendyroad automatically prioritizes the internal tasks.


Support for AVR8 / Arduino

BendyRoad supports AVR8 CPUs like the ATMega2560 and ATMega328P.

These CPUs are also used by the popular Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno. So you can reuse your existing Arduino hardware.

Broad range of controls and indicators

Bendyroad has blocks for: switches, potentiometers, lightsensors, heatsensors, leds, lcd displays, steppers, H-bridges.

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