BendyRoad IDE
Firmware generator for makers


BendyRoad creates the firmware for you. You never have to program C or C++. Never have to juggle the order of statements.

BendyRoad IDE takes you through all the tasks required to program a microcontroller.

If it is for measuring, controlling, signalling. BendyRoad has solutions built-in.

Run the IDE, connect your favorite controller, pick a block and send it to the controller. You now have a working solution.

It will check your solution for errors, and if it finds none, the program will run stable and without interruption.

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From setup to working controller in 15 minutes.

Just choose a block you need and send it to the controller.


It also works with Arduino. Now you can put those boards in your junk drawer to good use.


No error-prone programming in C or C++.

Create custom logic in simple formulas, like a spreadsheet.