Frequently asked questions, answered.

Firmware use

Does the firmware contain any kind of DRM?

No. There is no phoning-home or other blocking measures built in the firmare.

Does the firmware stop working after my subscription ends?

No, the firmware you have downloaded, keeps working as it was, independend of your subscription.


Expire date

The expire date is the date of the first day the subscription is expired.

For shared administration accounts

Subscriptions are added immediately

Remember that when you add a subscription it is immediately visible by other administrators.

What about the name bendyroad?

Creative development is not a straight line. It is a path that can change direction at unexpected moments.

BendyRoad wants to join your journey to the destination. And make sure you arrive there without stress.

BendyRoad is all about exploring freely, experiment. An effortless journey to the place you want to be, creating the product you have in mind.

BendyRoad is about a serene journey, with time to spare, while reaching your objectives.